Complete Property Restoration

Stone, Tile, Carpet & More!

With the variety of services that Peaden Pro Steam offers, we can help restore a property to a like new condition! Peaden Pro Steam can come into your home or business and clean your carpet and tile. We can put fans down to speed the drying of your carpet, while we are doing the roof cleaning, house & fascia, pool deck, fencing, and driveway cleaning. When we’re done cleaning the outside of your property, the carpet will be virtually dry! We also work in close conjunction with Lawn Enforcement of Lynn Haven, should you need landscaping or lawn maintenance!

Can This Save me Money?

If you’re interested in saving money, our complete property restoration service is what you are looking for. It’s only logical; the more work we have in one place, the more money we save on paying employees to drive. Staying put, also saves us on fuel, wear and tear on equipment, and preventive maintenance (such as tires and oil changes). These savings allow us to be more flexible with our rates and offer discounts to our customers.

A One Stop Shop!

Peaden Pro Steam may be the only company in Bay County, FL that can perform all these services, without sacrificing quality, often in a day’s work! Take advantage of all of Peaden’s innovative and time-saving cleaning and restoration services today by contacting us.